You can share real love and healing truth with those who are hurting.


Support a self-motivated man or woman with a plan of healing.

Help a Joel 2:25 support group meet this week.

Support a self-motivated man or woman receive Christ-centered therapy or counseling.



”Before Joel 2:25, I hated myself. I felt desperate, lonely and wanted to commit suicide. Every day I woke up with a strong feeling of unwillingness to live and to move on.

After participating in Joel 2:25, I have felt powerful and strong enough to fight against temptation and despair. Now I am in a good place supported and loved by my Joel 2:25 brothers.

I was blind but now I see the right way to go. I started my journey and I have the courage to fight for what I believe is right. God bless those who gave me the chance to change."  

 - Paul, age 20


This ministry work is becoming more and more critical these days as gender and sexual confusion is reaching new heights in all aspects of public and private life. In the name of “tolerance” men, women, children, and families who have already experienced severe emotional traumas are being re-victimized by propaganda and misinformation which pushes them further in destructive directions like the “gay” identity and lifestyle. That only deepens their wounds and leads them away from real healing.

Without your support, hundreds of people would be left searching for answers in a world that is working hard to hide those answers from them.


Thank you for your support.


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