In Joel 2:25, "The hopper, the destroyer, the great cutter, and great army” depict successive waves of scourge after scourge. They did not all come in one year, or two years, but year after year as it states in the plural “years.” They destroyed not only one crop, but they completely ate up all buds and seedlings; leaving a barren wasteland that could only be restored with super-natural intervention.

For many of us, the relational wounds and brokenness underlying homosexuality have destroyed multiple years and caused relational wounds that made recovery and healthy affirmation difficult to take-in. 

God’s promise in Joel 2:25 implies a “recompense.”

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He can give us fruitful years as a compensation for those in which the locust ate up the fruits of the earth. This means far more than sexual sobriety and abstinence. 

It is a healing of emotional wounds and relational brokenness; development of true identity as men of God, fulfillment of needs, and multiple fruitful years of mission and purpose that lead to joy.

We promote an alternative to homosexual behavior. For some that may lead to path of discovering their own underlying heterosexuality. For others, it may just mean a lessening of their erroticized same-sex attraction along with greater peace and need fulfillment.

Joel 2:25 is peer-led ministry organization providing resources and support for men, women, youth, and families affect by Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) across the United States and in 104 countries and with translations and support groups in 15 languages.


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