The Pendulum of Hope

Written By: Robert W.

So I received today an insight
of that which I haven't heard
although with the idea I am familiar
today it was brought through in words.

When you have yourself a pendulum
a small weight upon a string
and you pull it up and watch it fall
you'll see a very simple thing.

That with as much of a force you give
to the pulling back and the drop
is as much as it will rise again
right back up to the top.

So besides that we see a cycle,
when you descend, alas you'll rise
but something else was pointed out
that before I hadn't recognized. 

Only someone with the power to go one way
has an equal power to go back

So instead of dwelling on a fall
and all the things I think I lack,
I can recognize how much good I hold
in the positive light of things
and that's what makes the tables turn
and with that the pendulum swings.